3 Great Reason to Choose A Target Market

This is the first of a series of (4) “sneak peek” blog posts that highlight 4 BIG lessons that I’ll teach you in the Book Yourself Solid® in Private Practice 8 Week INTENSIVE Training.  If you’re looking for a marketing system created specifically for service professionals (with a mental health private practice twist) this is THE training for you!

20 years ago, when I started my private practice, somehow I knew that it was really important for me to choose a target market.  It worked!  I chose (3) related target markets — adults who were survivors of childhood sexual abuse, adults with Borderline Personality Disorder, and adults with Dissociative Disorders — and it did not take long at all to build my practice.

It works for the folks I coach as well. Those who choose a target market (or two) get their names on the map more quickly; they get more referrals in their areas of specialization and more general referrals as well.

There are many reasons to focus on the population you feel you are really meant to serve.  Here are three great ones:

  1. You’ll know where to find them:  People in a target market tend to hang out together, and/or in places that can be identified.  For example, let’s say your target market is kids with ADHD.  Think about where you might find these folks, or the people who have access to and influence over them.  Pediatricians; family doctors, pediatric psychiatrists; schools; churches; youth groups; online forums and groups for parents;etc.  Once you know where to find them, you’ll know just where to most efficiently focus your marketing efforts
  2. They have an established network:  People in a target market often communicate with each other.  Start doing some great work within your target market and they will help to snowball your marketing efforts!
  3. They’ll know you really care:  When people know that their issue/situation is your specialty, they will appreciate the fact that you have dedicated your life work to understanding and helping them.  They will look to you as an expert and your expertise will beef up your credibility very quickly


  • With whom do you want to work?
  • Where can you find them?
  • How do they communicate with each other?
  • What can you do to show them your dedication and expertise?

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