3 great ways to market your Private Practice in March

March marks the beginning of Spring!

Here are a few ideas for using the season to increase your practice…

  1. Write a “Spring Newsletter” and stock the waiting room of your referral sources.  Include ideas that are appropriate to the season (Getting Organized, Exercise for Mood Management, Getting Your Kids Ready for Summer Vacation)
  2. Take advantage of the warm weather and “pound the pavement”.  Drop off brochures, business cards, and posters of upcoming groups you might be holding to existing and potential referral sources.  Bring a bunch of flowers for the gatekeeper or a box of candy for the office staff to make you even more memorable
  3. Spring is a great time to spruce up your marketing materials, choose a new business card, update your website — give people a reason to take a second glance at your promotional items.  If you keep giving them the “same ‘ol thing”, soon they’ll stop looking at it!

Have a wonderful Spring!

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