3 WARNING SIGNS That You’re Practice May Be In Trouble

It’s like “The Princess And The Pea”.

You know something is wrong, but for a long time it just feels uncomfortable — something’s just not right!  Don’t ignore the WARNING SIGNS that you may be facing a slippery slope in your private practice.  Instead of tossing and turning, face what’s causing the problem and find the REMEDY; take ACTION to save your private practice before it’s too late!

Here are 3 big clues that something is just not right in your private practice:

#1  You’re struggling to get clients

Finding clients can be a big challenge (especially when you are just starting out).  You’d like to think that helping others is the focal point of your work as a therapist.  It should be; however, you’ve got to have people to help!  Because you are in private practice you should expect to spend some of your time filling your book.  Struggling to get clients can be overwhelming and scary; it can put an end to your private practice.

The WARNING SIGNS you should not ignore, include:

  • Feeling like you have to claw for every new client you get
  • Not having enough income to cover your expenses
  • Worrying about where your next referral will come from

The REMEDY for struggling to get clients comes from:

  • Knowing (and letting the world know) who you are, what you do, and who you serve.  The more clear you are about these things, the more “ideal clients” you will draw into your practice
  • Having a system for becoming a credible, trustworthy option for those in need.  Find ways to let the world know that you are an authority in your field; that you are absolutely the best person to help them when they are in need
  • Shifting your perspective so that “sales” and “marketing” are no longer things you dread and disdain.  If you believe that you are truly meant to serve certain people, then you have a obligation to let the world know that you exist to serve.  This shift could energize your efforts to reach out to attract and connect with those who need you

Here is an ACTION STEP to get you started:

  • Take some time to think.  Determine who you truly are meant to serve (your target market), and your BIG RESULT (the overarching thing that people get when they work with you).  Let’s call it your “who and do what”, and put it in the form of a statement.  “I help (your target market), (your BIG RESULT).  Now, use that statement as the basis of all of your efforts to get noticed and get more clients


#2  You’re feeling isolated and unsure

Private practice can be a lonely business.  You may feel physically isolated; alone in your office.  You may also feel “out of the loop” and subsequently unsure of important things including administrative tasks, and policies and procedures.  Perhaps you’d just like to have people to bounce off ideas, or to provide support and guidance when you need it.  Feeling alone can take the fun out of your private practice, and put an end to your desire to go on.

The WARNING SIGNS you should not ignore, include:

  • You feel uncomfortably unsure and uncertain that your policies, procedures, and administrative tasks are best meeting your needs and all legal/ethical requirements
  • You lack confidence around issues like:  money, self-worth, and competence.  You could really use some support and a few kind words from people you trust and admire
  • You’re in need of feedback, motivation, ideas, and creativity.  You’re feeling kind of “stale’ and “stuck” and know that there is more to be gleaned from the work you are doing

The REMEDY for feeling isolated and unsure comes from:

  • Connecting with others who can empathize and connect with what you are experiencing as a solo-practitioner
  • Reaching out and  allowing yourself to be vulnerable about your concerns — knowing that it is safe and beneficial to do so
  • Collaborating with others on projects and ideas; using synergy to expand your reach in the world and increase your overall satisfaction

Here is an ACTION STEP to get you started:

  • Identify one or more people with whom you can “partner-up” on a regular basis.  Find people who are similar and/or complement where you are in this process of self-employment.  Establish an environment of trust and good will — one that is non-judgmental and empowering


#3  You’ve hit a “dead end”

You can only see so many clients, for so long.  One day you may run out of hours in your week to see the number of clients you would need to see in order to make the kind of money you’d like to make.  There may come a day when you’d like to decrease your face-to-face, 1:1 work — but you’ll still need the revenue to meet your financial goals.  You may even want to retire someday, knowing you still have some revenue to count on while in retirement.  Getting burned out or bored doing the same thing every day is really antithetical to what enticed you to go into business for yourself.  You were looking for excitement and FREEDOM!  Feeling trapped can quickly kill your enthusiasm and desire to keep your practice going.

The WARNING SIGNS you should not ignore, include:

  • You are seeing as many clients as you can comfortably see in the time and/or energy you have to give to your 1:1, clinical work
  • You are getting bored; going into the office no longer puts a smile on your face
  • You are concerned that you will not be able to fund your dreams, desires, and future with the money you can generate seeing clients

The REMEDY for hitting a dead end comes from:

  • Coming to terms with your limitations (physical, mental, and with regard to desire); determine how many clients you really want to see each week, on average
  • Facing the facts of what it will take (financially) to meet the spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial goals associated with the FREEDOM of being in private practice.  Putting your head in the sand, won’t make those go away!
  • Opening your mind and allow yourself to be creative and excited about broadening your scope when it comes to generating income in your business

Here is an ACTION STEP to get you started:

  • Sit down quietly and write about the FREEDOM you hoped to achieve when you decided to go into private practice.  Be specific.  Determine what it will take to meet each of your goals.  Take it a step further to identify what changes you’ll need to make in your life to get there.  If your dreams require more money than you would like to generate seeing clients, start thinking about products, programs, and other services you might deliver to help you make your dreams come true.

Making the leap into private practice is not a one-time event.  It is an ongoing process that must be nurtured and attended to if you want to attain and maintain success (in every sense of the word).  Keep your eyes open for any WARNING SIGNS that should not be ignored.  Do what it takes to protect your dream and preserve your happiness in the process.

I LOVE to help people keep their dreams alive!  That’s the reason I created the Influential Insider’s Circle.  Click here to find out how I can help you identify your WARNING SIGNS and take advantage of the REMEDY I’ve created just for you!

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