7 Steps to FREEDOM in Private Practice – Enhanced Version

The 7 Steps to FREEDOM in Private Practice is a tried-and-true, proven system of building a Private Practice from the ground up.  It is the basis of my Workshops and for the 30-Day Basic Training Boot Camp coaching program offered here at Influential Therapist.

Here is your chance to get your hands on the 7 Steps system so you can get your business started on the right foot.  For the first time, I’m making this program available to you as a stand-alone product in its “Enhanced Version”.  You are not going to believe what you are going to get with this program.

Now… most people will still find the best value in the 30-Day Basic Training Boot Camp (because you get the 7 Steps Enhanced Version, PLUS 1:1 Coaching, PLUS and planning & accountability tools, PLUS unlimited email access to me for support.  However, I’m releasing this product for those who would rather have the program now, and opt for coaching in the future.

From Dianne Baer

…”I’ve been using your guidelines for over a year now and I have to tell you that I have MORE clients than i can get scheduled.  New ones may get frustrated by not being able to “get in” immediately, but I handle that by offering my first available to them or offer to give them a couple of referrals.  I’ve had many of them comment that they must have called someone that is in demand….and MUST be pretty good or my schedule wouldn’t be so full!  I’ve recently hired someone part time to help with scheduling and reminders–I can now do that because of following your ideas and suggestions from the beginning.  My calendar is your success story!  Thank you and keep it going!”

www.DianneBaerCounseling.com  Ft. Smith AZ

From Ann Oakes

I cannot thank you enough for putting together such a comprehensive resource!  I am still far away from actually “opening my doors”, but I just keep thinking about how grateful I am that I have a guide.  I have contacted a few people to ask some questions and they either can’t remember or the information they give me is not detailed enough.  As I was watching one of the videos, I thought about how I needed to make a check-list – and then quickly found that you have many already created!  At the risk of annoying you with all of my emails, I just wanted to let you know again how wonderful this information is.  I am so confident that I will be able to make this happen!

From Meredith Creek

“I’ve been working mostly Mondays and Wednesdays and averaging about 10-15 clients per week. Of course, there are more who only come once in awhile or every two weeks, but it’s going very well. It’s been just over a year since I was licensed and in my first year I made a decent supplemental income! I hold another job as an enrollment coordinator for Lindsey Wilson College’s School of Professional Counseling so even when the practice is up and down, I receive a steady salary. I was really proud to have done as well as I did in my first year. When January 2013 hit, I received several more phone calls and actually had to determine if I was going to have to start referring those who called because I had no more room. I did pick up Saturdays again, but generally only have a couple people who come then. It’s been crazy. I am in a practice with 4 other licensed professionals and several interns. Because I’m still under supervision in order to become independent, the training experience I continue to get even now as a licensed professional counselor is unbelievably helpful. Thanks for all your help back when I was still in graduate school and preparing for private practice. It truly helped prepare me to achieve my goals.”

~Meredith Creek, M.Ed., LPC-CR (4030 Mount Carmel Tobasco Road;Cincinnati, Ohio.  www.meredithcreek.com) works with pre-teens through adults, as well as couples, on issues such as anxiety disorders, depression, communication/relationship issues.

Which option works best for you?

Here’s what you get when you grab the 7 Steps to FREEDOM in Private Practice-Enhanced Version…

…over 5 hours of Step-By-Step Video Instruction:

  • Video 1:  It All Starts With You – Getting you ready for FREEDOM
  • Video 2:  Taking Care Of Business – Getting your office ready for business
  • Video 3:  Details, Details – Developing your policies, procedure, and paperwork
  • Video 4:  Money Matters – Setting fees, billing, collections, and general attitudes about money
  • Video 5:  Get It Going – Marketing your practice
  • Video 6:  Keep It Going – Advanced marketing strategies
  • Video 7:  Expanding Your Income Streams:  Diversify and take your practice beyond “Dollars For Hours”

…the Enhanced Version also includes:

  • 7 CHECKLISTS, each designed to help guide you through each of the 7 Steps
  • 7 WORKSHEETS, to help you personalize the 7 Step System just for you including…
  • the Freedom Worksheet…
  • the Money “Rules” Worksheet…
  • the Niche Worksheet…
  • the Diversification Worksheet…
  • and the Topics of Expertise Worksheet

…you’ll also get:

  • Special Report:  In Insider’s Look At The Pitfalls You Might Find In Building Your Private Practice
  • HIPAA Primer:  How To Be Compliant And Not Drown In the Paperwork
  • Insurance Company Contact List (with hyperlinks)

That’s not all…

As a (HUGE) extra added BONUS, you’ll also get the Private Practice Classroom Videos:

(7) “over the shoulder” videos that cover the 7 steps with me showing you how to implement what you’ve learned

Including the links, websites, & forms I use in my own practice

In each video I’ll show you the nuances of each of the steps; you’ll see how they work in a practice that has been running successfully for 20 years

You’ll watch as I take you though each step, over my shoulder, on my personal computer

…and, you’ll get the Private Practice Briefcase:

  • Worksheets, announcements, invitations
  • Samples:  case note, assessment, super bill, collections letter
  • Tools to help you set your fees
  • Online marketing ideas and website tips
  • Forms to make you a preferred referral source
  • Ideas for collaborative marketing
  • A  sample sub-lease to use with your renters

I’ll share my basic HIPAA forms:

  • Consent, release, notice, disclosure, business agreement, compliance manual
  • You’ll get my basic intake forms
  • New client information form, outpatient services agreement
  • I’ll share some of my marketing materials
  • I’ll even share my online counseling forms and my Clinical Consulting Agreement

…and, here’s one more BONUS:

“My #1 Strategy that guarantees that you’ll get 100% revenue for your therapy groups even when you don’t get 100% attendance!


Do It Yourself for Only $297, or

Work With Deb Legge for Only $647

Just think of the potential return on that investment! You’ll get your money back in just a few sessions

Which option works best for you?

If you are serious about getting your private practice up and running, this system is for you.  You don’t need to re-invent the wheel.

Get Started NOW

[Now you can go for the gusto and choose the format that is best for you.  You can purchase the 30-Day Basic Training Boot Camp (and take advantage of the 1:1 coaching, planning & accountability tools, and email support), or you can purchase the 7 Steps to FREEDOM in Private Practice system on its own.

If you decide the full Basic Training Boot Camp is for you,  you’ll be directed to the download links — then we’ll set up our first 1:1 coaching session!]

Which option works best for you?

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  1. Debra Cruz, M.A. /Reply

    I am ready to start my private practice and cannot afford to wait any longer!! I’m working as a secretary for the federal government while working on my LGPC credentials. I have to take the NCE exam in December, but I gained certification in the Sorensen Self-Esteem Recovery Program, teaching cognitive behavioral techniques to manage low self-esteem. Is it possible to start your program and a private practice as a life skills coach until I get my LGPC credentials? Please let me know how I can pay the $197 for your program.



    1. Deborah Legge PhD CRC LMHC /Reply

      @Debra – Congratulations on being ready to take the leap of faith! Many people start out doing Life Coaching and then integrate that into their counseling practices. The 7 Steps Program will set you up to get started and if/when you are ready to transition, you’ll be able to use it to add in your counseling services.

      I’m going to send you an e-registration invoice for the 7 Steps program. Take care of that and I’ll send you the links so you can get started!! I’m so excited for you Debra.

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