Are you marketing to “nobody”?

Here’s a great post by one of my favorite bloggers, Seth Godin.  Does this apply to you and the way you think about marketing for your practice?


Marketing to nobody

Nobody wears a watch any more.

Nobody wears a tie either.

Nobody shops at a bookstore, at least nobody I know.

The market of nobody is big indeed. You can do really well selling to nobody if you do your homework. In fact, most companies selling to nobody outperform those that are trying to sell to everyone.


One of the concerns I hear from the people I coach is that “nobody” will want their services.

Well YIPPEE if that is true.  “Nobody” is a lot of people.

Stop selling yourself short.  People want and NEED your services.  You just need to identify then and get to work!

If you try to create your practice so it is attractive to “everybody” you will likely procrastinate in your marketing efforts and, at the very least, you will promote yourself as a generalist.

Who remembers a generalist?

Give them something to remember you by 🙂


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