Gearing up for Fall 2012

Summer’s coming to an end, and fall is a time for getting back on task and getting serious again.

Stop kicking yourself for not doing what you said you were going to do this summer to get your private practice going and growing.  Instead, how about doing something productive?

Here’s my Fall Challenge for you- choose a Project that, when completed, will make a significant impact on you and your practice.  Something that will:  help you get started; make you more marketable; bring in more clients; provide you with an alternate stream of income; put your business on the web; etc.

Here are a few tips to help you choose a Project that is manageable and effective:

#1  Be Reasonable

Determine a time frame for your Project.  This will help you to focus your efforts and not bite off more than you can chew.

#2  Be Specific

“Getting more clients” isn’t specific enough.  Rather, you might make a great project out of identifying (3) current and (3) potential referral sources and developing & working a marketing plan to generate new referrals within one month.

#3  Be Organized

Choose a Project that can be broken down into manageable tasks.  Clearly identify, quantify, and schedule each of these tasks

#4  Be Accountable

Declare your intention (your Project) to someone who will encourage, support, and challenge you from start to finish.  Don’t let a day pass without touching your Project and telling others what you’ve accomplished along the way

#5  Know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE

You are part of a community — the Influential Therapist community.

Tell us about your Project.  I’ll collect your responses in this 1-question survey:  (

Then I’ll let you know what types of things our Influential community is gearing up for this fall!  We can do this!!

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