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Okay.  So, you are reading this blog (and probably many others).  You are putting your toe into the sea of commitment that comes with growing or growing a private practice.  You think about it.   You talk about it.  You even long for it at times.

But still… nothing.

Tell me, are you:

  • concerned about how bored you are getting with your hard work?
  • curious about what it really will take to achieve your goals?
  • at a point where you just want to sort through your ideas and try to put together a plan?
  • close to giving up on your dream, but your heart just won’t let you?
  • at the point in your practice where you either have to bring in more clients or close your doors?
  • tired of being limited by a “dollars for hours” business model?
  • sure you can reach outside of your own backyard to help others (all over the world) but you just need some guidance?

If any of this sounds familiar, let me know.  I’ve been working with some really awesome therapists; helping them to build their private practices (from scratch or bigger than before).  I’d love to help you too!  I’m happy to share 20 years of tools, tips, and experience to help you reach your goals.

I know what it feels like to walk into my practice each Tuesday morning, so grateful and excited to help others; so happy that I get to do it on my terms.

If that’s what you want, I’m in!  Are you?

Let me know:

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  1. Michelle Pinheiro, LCSW /Reply

    It was great to see you express that same feeling I get when I come in on Tuesday morning – knowing I am able to work on “my own terms” is wonderful Sometimes however the responsibiliity of it can be overwhelming and fear (that nasty word) rears its ugly head and makes me doubt that I am doing good work – that I am competent at what I do – and that I am always learning. I may not know all that there is to know, and I may not hit it out of the park each and every session, but there are those home run hits that sure feel wonderful when you get there. Thanks Deb for being such a great cheerleader!

    1. Deborah Legge PhD CRC LMHC /Reply

      Continue to use “fear” as a motivating force; don’t give into the doubt or negative self-talk. Courage isn’t the lack of fear — it is about taking action even when you are afraid. So glad to know that you love your practice too, Michelle!

  2. Norman Thatcher /Reply

    Hi Deb, Yes I am growing my practice in a “office setting” but learning and eager to get Skpye appointments to increase custom needs.
    Anger management can lead to so many directions -what might “sell well’
    on a web site ?

    1. Deborah Legge PhD CRC LMHC /Reply

      E-Books (for clients and/or support people), audio “talk-down”, video training, accountability programs… Be creative. Think about your ideal client and figure out what he/she longs for or is desperate for. Meet those needs. Good luck Norm!

  3. erin johnston,lmhc /Reply

    I am in the process of working toward private practice. I am striving for december 1 as my transition date. I am still very confused about what is needed though? Can anyone give me a literally step by step process ot get started. I don’t need help on niches, or marketing – just steps by step meaning – applay for LLC, what licenses or permits I will need, where i need to register, everything to do with taxes (I know i will have to pay my own income taxes and prepare for that, but however, will I also have to pay a business tax – how does this work, and are there any other fees that I will need to pay annually?) This kind of information – I don’t want to miss something that was required. Thank you

    1. Deborah Legge PhD CRC LMHC /Reply

      Erin — I can help in a couple of ways. The Basic Training Boot Camp is a great way to have me as your “partner” for 30 days. You will get the full 7 Steps to FREEDOM in Private Practice program and everything that goes with it. We can focus just on the step by step of getting you up and running by December and once you are started you can always come back to all of the rest of the helpful materials you will find in the 7 Steps program. This way you will have 30 days of unlimited email support and (4) 1:1 coaching sessions with me during that time. The other option is to do some 1:1 coaching sessions as you go along. Since you are just starting out, I believe the Basic Training Boot Camp is the best and most economical investment for you. You’ll find the mentoring application below the video on the Basic Training page: I look forward to working with you! Deb Legge

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