Guy Writes Weird Little Book – Sells 70 Million Copies!

I was reminded of a story the other day about a guy who spent his life studying the patterns of some of the most successful people of the 20th century…
He wrote a book about everything he learned (a bunch of them actually – some much better than others)…
The one I’m talking about was never supposed to succeed. It was first published during the Great Depression.
But as it turns out – a book like that was exactly what the people needed at that time.
In fact…that weird little book went on to sell over 70 million copies worldwide!
Seriously – It’s easily one of the best selling books of all time. Right up there with the Bible.
Maybe you’ve even read it (and if you haven’t, you should fast-track it to the top of your reading list ASAP)…
It’s called Think & Grow Rich by a man named Napoleon Hill
And in the 2nd or 3rd chapter in the book Mr Hill talks about something I feel VERY strongly about…
It’s called a Mastermind Group
And throughout my 21 years in private practice, I’ve been part of quite a few of them.
Heck I even paid $16,000 for one a few years ago, because the quality of the group and its participants was amazing.
And you know what? It was worth every penny!
I don’t know about you, but I believe we can learn the most when we are around people who have more experience than us.
I try to never be the smartest person in the room if I can help it…And it’s been a pretty successful strategy so far.
So why do I bring this up?
Well as you may have heard, I just opened up registration for my upcoming “Advanced Rapid Referrals” 6-Week Intensive Training
And when I was putting it together I was trying to figure out how I could best serve my students – not only for the 6 weeks…
But way beyond that – really going the extra mile…
Providing ongoing support and follow-up to virtually guarantee their long-term success…
And that’s when I realized the answer was sitting right in front of my face.
You see, I have a Private Mastermind Group called Influential Insiders Circle (IIC) – current members pay $197 a month to access this exclusive group.
And I decided the best way to support you even after the 6-week training is over…
Is by giving you a 1-Year VIP Access to this Private Mastermind as a Bonus – absolutely free when you join the Advanced Rapid Referrals Program today.
You can see all the details here:
This is a real world value of $2,364. But when you sign up for your Rapid Referrals 6-Week Intensive Training, you get a full YEAR of access to the Mastermind – “on the house”
But I wouldn’t put this off if I were you.
I’m only offering 50 spots, and this is going out to more than 3,149 clinicians this week.
Details are here:
I hope to see you inside!
P.S. If you act right away, you can have a 1-year all access pass to my Private Mastermind (worth $2,364) as a bonus – absolutely free when you join the Advanced Rapid Referrals Program.
Click here to get started:

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