Three things to consider when you “hold back”

How many times have you procrastinated and held yourself back from doing something that you know could make a difference in your personal life and/or your career?

Whenever I find myself procrastinating  and holding myself back from getting things done (yes… I still do it from time to time), it usually boils down to (at least) one of three big issues:  confidence, timing, and/or self-esteem.

#1  Confidence isn’t something you earn with success.  It is something you choose in order to gain success.  Seth Godin teaches us that people want to do business with people who are confident (Don’t you?).  Approach that potential referrer, knowing that you are a valuable resource who can make his/her life easier; that you have skills and a burning desire to serve your shared target market.  CHOOSE confidence the moment your feet hit the floor each morning!

#2  If not now, when?  If you keep waiting for “this” before you can have or do “that”, the time will never come.  Determine your task or goal and do something NOW to keep you on purpose.  What are you waiting for?  The clock is ticking and you have all the time there is.  Waiting will not give you more time — it gives you less time.

#3  You are good enough!  Take a look around you.  I’ll bet my last dollar that you can identify at least a few people who are already doing what you want to do; folks who aren’t any more educated or any more qualified than you.  I’ve always said, the people who make it in private practice are the ones who are courageous.  Not the ones who are unafraid — the ones who are afraid and do it anyway.  You are good enough — you can do this!


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