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 “Deb Legge’s enthusiasm for helping others is very clear from the second you first meet her.  She is the type of coach who goes above and beyond to make sure her coaching clients receive maximum value from working with her.  

Having someone with Deb’s experience in private practice guiding you on the path to reaching your goals, is not only valuable — it’s essential if you want to reach your full potential as a clinician in private practice”

Michael Port ~ Author, Professional Speaker, Entrepreneur


Here’s what other people are saying about the Deb’s Group Coaching Programs…

“Dr. Legge has been instrumental in providing me with the tools needed to go from working for an agency to having my own full time practice in less than a year!   The Book Yourself Solid program, her ongoing contact through the group calls and the assistance of others input through the Facebook page has been very helpful. 

When I first started the venture, I was nervous and felt uncomfortable about how to market my services, how to set my fees, and even how to identify who my ideal client is.   I had no idea how to run a business, how to attract clients or how to manage the insurance panel nightmare.  

Following the advice and the Influential Therapist program has been the ultimate solution.   I now have the confidence to make my practice what I have always wanted it to be and I cannot thank Dr. Legge enough for sharing her knowledge and expertise!”  ~ Tracy Sherman, LMHC~


“I can’t say enough about how much the experience of being part of the Influential Insider’s Circle has helped me, both professionally and personally.  In some ways it was a long time coming, since I first got to know Deb – albeit from afar! – while attending a session that she gave at the ACA conference in Cincinnati in 2013 about building a successful private practice. 

I was on the verge of getting ready to open my own private practice shortly after finishing graduate school, and I held onto all the material Deb provided that day, knowing that I wasn’t quite ready to put in place the things she was talking about, but knowing that the day would come.

Fast forward to about a year later when I was working and seeing clients, but I knew I had a long way to go to reach my goals.  I felt like it was the right time to reach out to Deb and I hoped that she might be able to work with me, in spite of my being halfway around the world in Italy! 

In March of 2014 we had our first coaching call in which she told me about the IIC, which sounded like a wonderful way to be connected to a highly motivated group of professionals, working together to reach our goals in private practice, all with her invaluable guidance and input. 

I felt that I had immediately taken a big step forward, and it wasn’t long before I was experiencing real changes in how I was thinking about and approaching my practice.  The weekly conference calls, exchanges between IIC members on the Facebook page and Deb’s steady stream of clear, informative, motivating emails gave me the information, support and direction I needed to start implementing successful strategies in so many areas. 

From identifying my ideal client and my target market to understanding the breadth and depth of marketing and outreach possibilities, I began to understand that my private practice could be so much more than I had ever thought!  

It is now seven months later and I am thrilled with the development of my practice and the tools I have gained which will continue to help me throughout the course of my career.  Most importantly, I have gained from Deb and the IIC the knowledge that I CAN be successful, and that I also don’t have to do it alone!”  ~Karen Rigatti, LPC~


“I have gotten a lot out of the group; I am 3 people away from being booked solid (as solid as I can be right now).  Most of those are my ideal clients as well.  The group definitely got me over this first hump as well as built my confidence.  I plan to keep working through the Book Yourself Solid material; thanks so much for the opportunity to work with you and the group.”  ~Deana Enebo, MA LMHC~