It’s all in the timing

Those of you who have worked with me have heard over and over again…

(as long as it is legal and ethical) THERE ARE NO RULES!

So, if you are struggling to get your book full of  50-60 minute clients who are willing to come to your office during the day, on weekdays — you might re-think what you have to offer.

You may prefer to keep your practice on a private pay basis — HOWEVER, you many find it difficult to fill your book.

Since THERE ARE NO RULES, you may have more options than you think…

  • 30-minute sessions might benefit your clients as well as your wallet.  Let’s say you normally charge $80 per 50-60 minute session.  Now you can charge $50 for a 25-30 minute session and increase your revenue by 25%
  • If you have clients who don’t show up — you might want to give them a phone call to offer to do the session by phone.  This will give them a chance to get  something for the fee they are paying  (you ARE charging full fee for late cancellations and no shows, right?) and you can take their credit card info right over phone when you finish
  • When clients are going away on vacation, offer phone sessions (if appropriate)
  • You may find that you can draw in 4 clients on a Saturday morning who are grateful for the weekend hours — then you can take off a morning or afternoon of your choice and enjoy it
  • Skype sessions are a great option for many people who don’t have time for or access to on-site therapy.  It can be very freeing for you too since you can travel and still generate income in your spare time
  • You might even offer email “check-ins” for clients who might benefit — ADD, procrastinating, breaking down goals into manageable tasks, desensitization homework, etc.  Set a fee for these interactions and respond when you choose to do so

Make the most of your time when you are working, and you will never have to feel guilty about the time you are not working!


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