Let’s Celebrate!

Happy Independence Day!  It’s Independence Day here in the U.S.  A day that symbolizes the importance of independence… FREEDOM.

I’m the first person to agree that FREEDOM begins (and can end) between the ears.  Even people in prison camps can put their minds into an integrity-saving state of  FREEDOM if they make it happen in their minds. I hope that you take it farther than that, however.  I truly hope that you’ve taken the time to close your eyes; calm your mind; and connect with your true intentions and desires.

I also hope you’ve taken the time to define what FREEDOM means to you when it comes to private practice.  Is your FREEDOM about:

  • autonomy and independence in your work life?
  • choosing the clients with whom you love to work?
  • setting your own schedule so you can have time for you and the people you love?
  • having the money you need to meet your needs, goals, and to check things off your bucket list?
  • not having to answer to anyone, ever again?
  • having the time to care for you so you can be in a state of good health?
  • being able to do the work that is your calling… so you can be the person you are meant to be?

Whatever FREEDOM means to you… I know you can achieve it.

When I first started out, my FREEDOM was about having enough money to raise my son the way I wanted to raise him; having the time to be there for him whenever he needed me; and to be my own boss so I had the maximum influence over my work life and my income.

I believe in you.  That’s where Influential Therapist came from.  My belief (and hope) that I can help you build and grow a successful private practice.  I will always be working for that.  It brings me joy and I am so honored to serve you in that way.

Here’s something I put together to help me serve you even more:




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