“Selling” Your Private Practice


This is a series of posts about getting more clients and building a solid referral base for your private practice.  Thanks for the opportunity to share this information with you; I look forward to helping you bring it to life in your business!  ~ Deb Legge

I’m guessing that you never thought you’d  have to figure out how to “sell” you and your services… right?  The thought of sales and marketing in private practice can be intimidating.

You’re not selling cars…

You’re not selling widgets…

You’re selling your services, programs, and/or products to help people.

You are a mental health professional, and you’re meant to serve certain people.  With that comes a responsibility to let people know that you exist!  People need you — they need to know where to find you.

In Book Yourself Solid®, Michael Port teaches us the secret to having effective 4-step sales conversations; now I’d like to teach you how that works for you:

The secret is, you’ll have to talk to people – hey wait — don’t you do that for a living?

First,  you’ll have to find out what problems they are experiencing — you do that too, right?

Next, you’ll have to talk with them about their goals and expectations — hmm… sound familiar?

Then, you’ll ask if they want help — yup, you get it now.

Finally, you’ll let them know that you’re the best thing for them and ask if they’d like that helper to be you! — And there you go.

These simple sales conversations can be great with referrers.  Referrers need good referral sources they can count on to help them serve your shared market

These simple sales conversations can be great with clients as well.  Clients need help identifying their main problems and how life can be better once those problems are solved.  They have a right to be served by someone for whom they are their ideal client.

Stop thinking that “selling” is so different than what you already do for a living.  When you are a service professional, “selling” is just a way to let people know that you exist to serve.



Deb Legge is licensed to teach the Book Yourself Solid® system, created by Michael Port, based on his mega best selling book, Book Yourself Solid®  For more information, email me at:  DrLegge@gmail.com

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  1. Tracy Sherman /Reply

    Great ideas and sounds so simple! Thank you !

    1. Deborah Legge PhD CRC LMHC /Reply

      @Tracy – and I know you well enough to know that you can ABSOLUTELY do it!!!

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