Just Starting Out?

Our comprehensive beginner trainings are just what you need to hit the ground running in your very own Private Practice! These trainings are a result of over 20 years of REAL LIFE experience and proven results. They will drastically shorten your learning curve by showing you exactly what to do (and what not to do) in order to get yourself up and running lightning-fast in a private practice you can be proud to call your own.


7 Steps to FREEDOM in Private Practice

The 7 Steps to FREEDOM in Private Practice program is a solution-packed system that answers your questions and addresses the problems most people face when building a solid private practice. It takes you (step-by-step) through the process of building (or rebuilding) a successful and sustainable private practice. This program is comprehensive and easy to follow, so you can put it to work for you right away.  Click here to find out more about the 7 Steps to FREEDOM in Private Practice Program here

Basic Training Boot Camp

The Basic Training Boot Camp is our intensive, 30-day coaching program where I  PERSONALLY show you how to create the business of your dreams.  I’ll reveal all the discoveries, shortcuts, and pitfalls to avoid  as we work hand-in-hand to build your ideal private practice from the ground up.  Click Here To Work With Me Personally In Building Your Ideal Private Practice

Private Practice Management

Providing “done-for-you” services to elevate your practice to new heights! Whether you are just starting out, or you’re a seasoned practitioner looking to automate the “business” side of your practice, we are here for you.

Our team of managers will take care of the tedious, frustrating “busy-work” so you can focus on your clients and growing your practice.  Click Here To Discover How Private Practice Management Can Help You


“I approached Dr. Legge because I was interested in going into private practice. After researching professionals in the area I found Dr. Legge to be second to none. Dr. Legge helped me by turning a dream into a reality. She gave me valuable information and guidance that is essential to start, sustain, and expand a prosperous business. I participated in the Basic Training Boot Camp and the results were phenomenal.   Not only did my business concept develop over the 30 days, I personally grew as an entrepreneur. Furthermore, Dr. Legge assisted me in setting realistic goals and developing a step by step approach to achieve them. What I liked most about working with Dr. Legge was her professionalism, efficiency, and the effort she invested in answering the questions I had in regards to my business. I found the experience to be very beneficial and inspirational. I highly recommend Dr. Legge to all business owners and anyone who wants to start their ideal private practice.”

~ Marissa Matta CRC

“When I made the decision to open a private practice, I felt overwhelmed and  didn’t know where to begin.  Utilizing Deb’s coaching services, allowed me to go through the process step-by-step.  My practice was set up by the end of the training.  The marketing tools, her insight in 1:1 calls, and worksheets have allowed me continue to take steps forward even after the Basic Training Boot Camp has endedPrivate Practice Management”

KrisMulhollen                  ~Kris Mulhollen, MA LMHC