So… what good is coaching, anyway?

I’ll bet that question has crossed your mind, right?

As a Private Practice coach I get that question often (in one way, shape  or form).  I can sure give you all kinds of reasons and ways that coaching can kick-start a new or stalled practice — but you hear that from me all of the time 🙂

That’s why I’m always so excited to share someone else’s point of view.  Someone who you can really relate to — someone who can give you a first-hand account of what coaching did for her.

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Linda Hoenigsberg.  Linda is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who was just starting out her private, and decided she really wanted to hit the ground running by going through my Basic Training Boot Camp.

For 30 days, Linda and I worked hard to identify and achieve some of the goals she set for her new practice.  Linda had what it took to be successful in her Boot Camp.

Linda had COURAGE.

Remember, COURAGE isn’t the lack of fear — it is action, despite fear.  Here’s what Linda had to say about her experience in the Basic Training Boot Camp…

Deb:    What would you like to tell our Influential Community about your experience in the Basic Training Boot Camp?

Linda:    As soon as I read about Dr. Deb’s Basic Training Boot Camp, I wanted to sign on!  The only thing that stopped me at first was that I was just starting out and I was worried about the cost. I have to sa looking back that I am sure I made many more times the cost of the Boot Camp just by taking a few of the many ideas she taught me and implementing them.

Deb:    What did you find in the Basic Training Boot Camp?

Linda:    What I found was a step-by-step guide that helped me to think about things that were necessary to starting a private practice, but also many more ideas that caused me to think outside the box to help me build a client base as well as multiple referral sources.  Not only that, but the handouts and DVD’s are and invaluable resource that I will go back to again and again.  The phone coaching was invaluable in keeping me on track in implementing the concepts and moving forward.

Deb:    What specific feature did you like most about the Boot camp?

Linda:    I loved the handouts, which were extremely well organized.  I printed mine out and put together a notebook with index tabs for each of the sessions.  The DVD’s, which shows Dr. Deb’s personal computer screen were also great in helping me visualize the concepts as we went through the program.  My favorite part was talking to Dr. Deb personally in the phone coaching sessions.  Getting to know her as a person, hearing her voice, and getting even more ideas was something I will never forget.  At the end I felt as if I had someone cheering me on, wanting my success as much as I did.

Deb:    What would be three other benefits about the Boot Camp?

Linda:    #1 Inspriation!  Dr. Deb gives you so many ideas that you may never have thought of on your own.  #2 Coaching!  Dr. Deb kept me going.  When I wasn’t able to put some things into practice right away there was never any judgment… just affirmation and validation.  She kept me going.  #3 Value!  At the end I felt as if I learned concepts that would have taken years of going through the school of hard private practice knocks to learn on my own.

Deb:    Would you recommend the Basic Training Boot Camp?  If so, why?

Linda:    I would recommend the Basic Training Boot Camp to anyone even thinking about going into practice on their own.  This boot amp will save them loads of time and money because it’s like a “quick start” to success.

Deb:    Is there anything you’d like to add?

Linda:  Ive been solely in private practice for just two months and already have almost a full client load for the three days that I’ve designated to see clients (21 on my caseload!)  I have so many new ideas to continue to market myself and my practice that I don’t have any fear I will not continue to buld this through the usual ups and downs of working on my own.  The Basic Training Boot Camp will always be one of my “go to” ways to get re-inspired in private practice.

WOW… All I can say is that I feel so blessed by my experience with Linda.  I learned as much from her as she did from me.  You might want to check out Linda’s practice.  She is a stellar example of someone who “walked the talk” when she said:  “Success is my ONLY option!” Way to go Linda!

You might want to set a Google Alert for Linda Hoenigsberg  LCPC LMFT DBTC, and follow her as she develops her practice and her programs.  Clearly she is on a path to success, and you might get some great ideas from her along the way!

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  1. Tammy Williams-Petry /Reply

    This is Inspring and Exciting to read! I cannot wait to do the 30-day bootcamp in the near future! Thanks for sharing! =)

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