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Here’s a something you can do RIGHT NOW to be sure you’re prepared when the unexpected happens…



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“Here’s Something You Can Do RIGHT NOW!” is a series of quick tips I developed for you to put into place RIGHT NOW — to get more clients… make more money… get more organized… to make your life just a little bit easier!

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    1. Deborah Legge PhD CRC LMHC /Reply

      @Jewels – I appreciate you taking the time to say thanks. I’m so glad to know that I’m providing things that are helpful and relevant to you. You made my day… 🙂

  1. Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg /Reply

    These are very good things we need to think about Dr. Deb! As I was listening, I thought of my own policy and how I need to step it up. I realized today that I had changed my financial form (asking for a credit card number) and had forgotten to change it out on my website! Thanks and I’ll see you in Influential Insider’s Circle!

    1. Deborah Legge PhD CRC LMHC /Reply

      @Linda – I’m always surprised when I review these things and find that I don’t even remember why I put certain things in or left out things the last time. It’s good to review at least once a year! See you soon in the Circle!

  2. Kathy /Reply

    Debbie, did you really have 14 people scheduled today?

    1. Deborah Legge PhD CRC LMHC /Reply

      @Kathy – yup. I usually see 13 each on Tues and Wed and then another 8-10 on Thursday, but with the holiday I scheduled a few extras this week. I love working 2-1/2 days and then having those 5 days off to do other things (like this!). One of the great freedoms of private practice is that you get to work according to your own pace/preference — no rules! 🙂

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