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I just sent out a broadcast message to those of you on my email list.

You see, I’ve been sitting here thinking of what more I can do for you; what do you need to help you build your Private Practice.

Well, TELL ME!!!

Here’s the link to a brief (4 question) anonymous survey in which you can ask me your questions and tell me what you want from Influential Therapist

I hope you can take a minute to help me to help you.  Here’s the link

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  1. Daphne /Reply

    Hi Debbie! First of all, I want to say thank you for taking out the time to assist others in their professional counseling journey! I truly mean this because so often I notice that others in the field are not willing to share information and their experiences. Providing counseling services has been something that I have wanted to do for such a long time. I currently have a full-time position in the school system as well as a limited-practice and another small contractual job. I am wanting to step out and nurture my skills and practice, while pursing a couple of other avenues in the field to assist with finances. My fear is letting go of a position where I have always had insurance provided to me at no cost. Having to provide insurance for myself and my son independent of what I am used to worries me a little. Any thoughts or articles on this?

  2. Deborah Legge PhD CRC LMHC /Reply

    Hi Daphne. Welcome to Influential Therapist. I can totally relate to where you are at this point in time. Almost 20 years ago I was switching careers and juggling several jobs as I was actively building my Private Practice for me and my young son.
    Insurance and other benefits are the “golden handcuffs” I write about a lot. However, each benefit has a dollar value. Eventually, you’ll have to figure out the cost for you to replace those benefits. Then divide it by your per session rate and you’ll know how many clients you’ll need to see each week to replace those benefits.
    Check out health insurance options through the Chambers of Commerce near you (shop around, you don’t have to join the chapter in your town), as they often offer benefit options for members (they are also a good source for networking and referrals).
    You might also want to check with a state university or college. I know that around here, if you teach 2 courses a semester at our state university you have the option to purchase benefits through them.
    Finally, perhaps one of your contractual jobs would be willing to do a trade with you for benefits.
    If you really want to build your Private Practice, keep looking “outside the box”! Good luck to you.
    Keep checking the website — I’ll certainly have some webinars and trainings that might be helpful to you.
    Deb Legge

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