THE Key To Success In Private Practice

One of the biggest, most erroneous beliefs about being successful in private practice is that those who are successful at this are somehow smarter, or have some “magic chip” that separates them from the masses in terms of aptitude and capability. 

That’s NOT TRUE!

I assure you becoming a successful private practitioner does not require you to be any smarter, wiser, more talented, or more savvy than the average bear. 

The number one determining factor associated with success in private practice (and just about everything else in life) is… ACTION!

You may have the best intention… the best ideas… the greatest desire.  But each and every one of those wonderful things falls away with inaction.

Here is the biggest key to success in private practice…

DO SOMETHING NOW, to reach your business goals!

It’s simple, but not always easy.  I know there are plenty of reasons for inaction.  Let’s not focus on those right now.  For now, just …


It doesn’t have to be the most important, the most perfect, or the most efficient thing on your list.  You can always improve it or change your course of action down the road.  The idea is to get something done, and get momentum.  It’s a lot easier to move a body in motion than one that is stuck in the mud.

So… there it is — my challenge to you.


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  1. Katie Cashin, LCPC /Reply

    Dr. Legge,

    This is a great reminder, especially for those of us who (perhaps) overly relish the thought process and (maybe) hesitate on the action piece. It’s also an interesting exercise to listen to the pressures and parts of us that come out of the woodwork to talk us down from taking action when we’ve set an intention and goal. I often find a lot of negativity dressed up as “protection” and “my best interest” keeping me from letting the rubber hit the road.

    Thank you for writing and sharing your insights!

    1. legge /Reply

      @Katie – Great points — negativity and fear often keep us from action (and ultimately from living our best lives). I hope your “ACTION” got you moving toward your goals Katie!

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