Time to “shake it up”?

Looking to get things started?  Is it time to “beat the bushes” for some new leads?  Do you just want to do something different that will make a difference in your community?

Here are 5 services that I get calls for in my practice all of the time.  These are services that few therapists in my area offer (or if they do, they aren’t telling anyone :()  Maybe you can make them work for you…

  1. Offer a post-partum depression group to the local ob/gyn offices
  2. Let local attorneys and courts know about the anger management counseling/groups you provide
  3. If you are qualified, get on the list to do  psychological evaluations for the family courts system
  4. Mindfulness-based groups and trainings are always a hit — share your skills (or learn the skills and share them) with others
  5. Symptom management groups (or individualized skills training) are a helpful resource for your local psychiatrists (especially for their newly diagnosed patients) – get to know these great referral sources by offering this tough-to-find services

Find out what people are looking for in your community.  Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call a few physicians, psychiatrists, schools, or local agencies to find out their needs.  Tell them that you are planning your groups for the new year, or that you have just opened up a few more hours and you are checking to see what services are most needed.  Chances are they’ll appreciate the call and your willingness to help.  And, once you have something to offer, they might just become a good referral source!

These are just a few ideas to get your creativity flowing.  I’ll just bet that you can find/create some great niche services that will revitalize you and your private practice.

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