1:1 VIP Coaching

In my exclusive, VIP Coaching Program, you and I will work intensively for a minimum of 4-months to address the immediate concerns of your private practice.  We’ll identify the existing problems and concerns and we’ll establish goals to help you reach the objectives you have for your business

When you’re a VIP — you get it ALL…

  • Goal, strategy, and planning tools to keep us focused and on track toward achieving the outcomes you desire
  • You’ll have unlimited email access to me, so you can ask your questions and we can collaborate on your materials and tasks as they come up
  • We’ll meet 3 times each month for our 45-minute, 1:1 coaching sessions.  We’ll use these sessions to strategize, plan and execute — we’ll also use them for support, guidance, and brainstorming!
  • I’ll teach you about, and we’ll develop a “90-day plan” so you can continue working efficiently and effectively now and for the life of your practice
  • I’ll make you a VIP guest member in my exclusive mastermind group which includes…
    • Access to weekly group coaching calls, where you can ask any and all questions you get live answers and we can brainstorm about your business on a weekly basis (and access to the replays if you can’t make it)
    • An invitation to our PRIVATE Facebook group where you can interact with me and other like-minded people who are also working on building up their businesses
    • Loads of strategies, worksheets, samples, and actionable ideas for growing and/or diversifying your business

Essentially, when you are one of my VIPs, we are partnered up for the long-haul.  I’ll mentor you with my 20+ years of experience in my own successful private practice as well as two-decades of helping others grow their businesses.

If you’re serious about building your private practice, I’m willing to roll up my sleeves and work with you to achieve your goals.

I only accept a limited number of VIP coaching clients at a time, and we work very closely together.  If you think you might benefit from this 1:1 experience, I welcome you to submit your VIP Coaching Application.  Once I receive it (and if it looks like I can help), we’ll schedule a chat where we can talk more about how I can help and see if it feels like a good fit.

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1:1 Power Coaching 

When you find yourself stuck, stymied, unsure, or just not knowing what to do first (or next), I’ve got a unique coaching option to meet your immediate needs.  This option is intense but lacks the frills and unlimited support found in my VIP Coaching Program.

My 1:1 Power Coaching is a simple yet POWERFUL option when you’re in need of a coaching session for:  brainstorming, problem-solving, confidence-building, strategies, support, guidance or inspiration.   I’ve honed this service into 5 simple steps

1.  At your request, I’ll send you a Power Coaching Application to complete so I can determine if this option will fit your needs, and so we can make the most of our 1:1 time together

2.  Once your Application is approved, you’ll choose an appointment time in my Power Coaching schedule that works best for you

3.  We’ll meet on a call or on Zoom for 60 minutes of intensive coaching to: create an actionable plan, get you unstuck, or help you with clarity to take you to the next step of achieving your goal

4. I’ll take notes so you don’t have to, and I’ll send you a recap of our work together so you have all of the details we discussed

5.  Within a week you can send me a brief email to follow up and let me know how things are going, or if you need any clarification on what we covered

Your investment for one Power Coaching Session is $500

My Power Coaching availability is very limited, but I’ll do my best to meet with you in a timely fashion when you’re ready.  You can request your Power Coaching Application  at:  DrLegge@gmail.com 



 “Deb Legge’s enthusiasm for helping others is very clear from the second you first meet her.  She is the type of coach who goes above and beyond to make sure her coaching clients receive maximum value from working with her.  Having someone with Deb’s experience in private practice guiding you on the path to reaching your goals, is not only valuable — it’s essential if you want to reach your full potential as a clinician in private practice”

Michael Port ~ Author, Professional Speaker, Entrepreneur