What do you do for a living? (a question that could make/break you)

This is a series of posts about getting more clients and building a solid referral base for your private practice.  Thanks for the opportunity to share this information with you; I look forward to helping you bring it to life in your business!  ~ Deb Legge

Now that you have more clarity about: who you are; who you are meant to serve; and what you are meant to do, you’ve got everything you need to tell the world about it.

Let’s face it — what is one of the first questions you hear when you meet someone new?

So… what do you do for a living?


Your first instinct might be to give them your job title or to name your profession.  Now there’s a quick trip to a brick wall in the conversation (or, in our business, an invitation to hear all about the personal issues of this brand new acquaintance). 

Yes… there is a far better response you can use to get noticed and remembered.

Rather than spout off your job title, why not tell them who you help and how you help them?  Even if you only have a quick moment with this person, you’ll have told them all they need to know to get a very good idea about you and what you do.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a bit more time, (and if your initial response was compelling), they will likely ask a follow-up question (or two).  Now you’ve opened up the door to talk more specifically about why you do what you do; it gives you a chance to tap into your natural excitement for your work (which can be contagious!).

Here are just a few tips to consider when you are having these types of conversations:

  1. Don’t end the conversation before it begins by just offering up your job title
  2. Give information in everyday terms (no psycho-babble please)
  3. Be compelling — you want them to ask more questions!
  4. Make sure your passion comes through; get them excited
  5. Hold off on the business card until the very end of the conversation (and only if they ask for it)
  6. If it seems you’ve met a potential referrer or someone who has influence over your target market, make sure you get their contact info before the end of your conversation
  7. Ask them if it’s okay for you to follow up (if you can think of a cool way to do that, throw it in with that request — “I know a great resource that might help you out in your business — okay if I send over the info to you next week?”)

As they say… You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.  Practice what you’ll say when people ask “What do you do for a living?”.  It should flow off the tongue; you should feel and look confident; your voice should be strong and steady; and you should maintain eye-contact.  Make a date with the mirror each morning as you brush your teeth.  Practice, practice, practice.

Next… These things will show them just how amazing you are!

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