What’s “new” matters!

There are lots of studies that show us that people are attracted to “new” even when what is “old” is tried and true.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to come up with a “new” way to do therapy… you don’t have to move your office… you don’t even have to change your hairstyle.

However, when it comes to getting noticed in your market, you might do well to put some “new” into your marketing efforts.

  • Add a “new” blog post to your website every once in awhile
  • Create a “new” newsletter to share with your prospective and/or current clients and referrers
  • Find a “new” way to say thank you when you receive a referral
  • Create a “new” YouTube video to share some valuable information with your target market
  • Let your referrers know about your “new” extended hours or that you added¬†another day to your schedule
  • Do your homework to stay on top of your “expert-status” and share the latest research or news with your clients or referrers

At the very least, bring a “new” sense of commitment, desire to serve, and urgency to your work. ¬†This will boost your confidence and help you to stand out from the crowd.

So… What’s “new” with you?

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