Your clients are proud of you!

Okay… unless you are sitting “behind the couch”, smoking a cigar, being the “blank slate”, your clients see you as a person and as a professional.

Sure you protect your privacy, but you are running a business.  When you are advertising, marketing, and promoting your practice your clients are bound to see or hear about your efforts.  When you are doing a TV or radio spot, they see and hear another side of you.

Perhaps that makes you uncomfortable.  It used to make me uncomfortable too.  So much so that I avoided it and watched my business plateau for a long time.  Then came Face Book.  Boy was I torn; do you know what I mean?

I got over that discomfort after awhile.  Once I realized that I could be a “public professional” as long as I was “professional” it all made sense.  I put up my Face Book page.  I started blogging.  I submitted articles on the web.  I put up videos on You Tube.  I did (and continue to do it) all!

Any you know what?  My clients are so proud of me.  Not all of them see my work of course, but the ones that do never hesitate to point out my accomplishments.  And, you know what else?  Those things booted me right off my plateau and I get more referrals from those things than I ever imagined possible.

Go on… I dare you.  Do something new and fun to build your practice.  Be proud of you!  Your clients will be too.

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