Here’s How to Gain Credibility in Your Target Market

FACT:  Momentum begins with credibility

When you can establish your credibility, you’ll not only be noticed — you’ll also be remembered.  Once that happens, you’ll start getting more and more word-of-mouth referrals, giving you countless opportunities to do good work and elicit more and more referrals throughout the life of your practice.  Momentum begins with credibility.

Here are 10 ways to start building trust, by gaining credibility in your market:

  1. Write a helpful post for your or someone else’s blog.  Contribute an article for a local publication.  Consider writing an eBook that can be downloaded from your website.  Provide a newsletter for local physicians to keep in their waiting or treatment rooms.
  2. Speak about something that will resonate with your target market. Answer questions and provide much needed information to benefit those you serve.  Nervous about speaking to crowds? Do it on social media video or choose small audiences and allow yourself to shine in-person.
  3. Choose an existing referrer and find out what more they might need to help your shared target market. Find ways to provide information, support, or services to those who have access to and influence over your target market.
  4. Choose a potential referrer and find out what they desperately need to help your shared target market. Consider collaborating on a project to benefit your community.  Help your potential referrer shine as well, and it could be the start of a long-lasting mutual relationship that benefits you both (and your community).
  5. Become a “go-to” person for a local radio and/or television station. You’ll often need to be available on short notice, but you’ll get great exposure if you are willing to help when they need an expert to comment on a current event about mental health in the community.
  6. Hold a local workshop or info-session to educate your target market. You can do this in person, or online.  Potential clients and referrers are always looking for information and support.  Even a simple question/answer format can benefit those in need.
  7. Become a board member or volunteer with an organization that serves the needs or resonates with your target market. You’ll be serving your community while getting noticed and increasing your credibility.
  8. Follow through on your commitments and promises – EVERY TIME. Remember, people need to trust you and what you say.  If you say you’re going to call — call!  If you say you’re going to be there – be there!
  9. Keep up with what’s new and in the news and be the first to share it with those in your target market. be seen as “an expert” in your area if specialization.  That leads to credibility and trust and (ultimately) referrals.
  10. Become the “connector” in your market. Make introductions that will benefit others of those who serve your shared target market. If you know folks that can benefit from others you know, offer to make that introduction.  Ours can be a lonely business and those connections can really make a difference.

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