How Private Practice is Like Playing Golf – Part 1

When it comes to success, private practice is a bit like golf.  It’s a game played between the ears.  All else being equal, the person who succeeds in private practice is the person who understands the importance of MINDSET.  It’s all about identifying our self-limiting beliefs and replacing them with a healthier mindset.

You can be the best clinician on the block.  You may have had exceptional academic achievements and have earned multiple honors and certifications.  You might even have additional training or a natural flair for setting up and running a business.  You might have all of these things and still struggle to have the business you desire.

One of my mentors, Michael Port, said it best when he said that almost all business problems are personal problems in disguise.  Think about:

  • your angst or shame around making money or talking about money
  • your discomfort with reaching out for referrals
  • your reluctance to collect for no-shows and late cancellations
  • your resistance to choosing a target market
  • or your overall feelings of fear, boredom, frustration, disappointment, uncertainty and maybe even regret when it comes to owning your own business

Each of these concerns likely has strong roots in what you believe about you and your world; about the experiences and beliefs that color your perceptions and your day to day behaviors and interactions.

Most of us appreciate the impact of perceptions, cognitions, and self-limiting beliefs on how we see and manage our lives.  However, many of us fail to recognize how these mental roadblocks can negatively affect our ability to achieve success in private practice as well.

In the next two posts we’re going to explore the two most common categories of mindset “traps” that hold us back in business.  We’ll dig deep; identifying where they show up, how they hold us back, and what we can do to correct the course toward success.

We’ll look at:

  1. “I’m not enough”
    1. Lack of confidence
    2. Not knowing our value
    3. Imposter syndrome
  2. “I’m scared”
    1. Scarcity mindset
    2. Not wanting to “bother” others
    3. Not knowing how to get what we need or want

For now, take the time to identify the frustrations and fears associated with your private practice; the things you believe are holding you back from getting what you want in your business.  In the next two posts we’ll roll up our sleeves to address your concerns and get you on a path that will increase your confidence, your satisfaction, and your success.

(We guide you, step-by-step through this process in our Private Pay Practice Program!)

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