5 (BIG) questions that (better) change your life

[This is a post filled with (both BIG and little) questions designed to help you to reality test where you stand with regard to your goal.  It is the first of a series of posts that will guide you through the process needed to help you get on track with what you say you want for you and your life]

Question #1     What is your goal? 

Is your goal to:  start a private practice?  leave your “job”?  add more clients?  set up your office?  Tell me…

  • Is your goal what you think about (a lot)?
  • Is your goal the thing you act on (often)?

Question #2     What gets in the way of you working on your goal?

Do you find yourself distracted from working on your goal?  What gives your distractions so much power in your life?

  • Are they old habits?
  • Are they what you think you need to continue to do to survive?
  • Are you unmotivated to shift your energy?
  • Are you afraid to let go of what you “know”?

Question #3     If you don’t achieve your goal, how will it affect:

  • how you feel?
  • how you view yourself?
  • how your life will unfold?

Question #4     If you don’t achieve your goal, what will you lose?

If you stay on the same track (distracting with other things) — what will your life look like:

  • in 6 months?
  • in 1 year?
  • in 5 years?

Question #5     What ARE you willing to commit yourself to? 

  • how can you modify or change your goal into something you MUST achieve?**
  • how can you modify or change your world to fuel your goal (rather than distract from it)?**

**now THESE are questions I can help you with; this is where we’ll pick up in the next post

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