5 things you can do right now, to get more clients

Okay, here’s a quick and dirty list of five things you can do to get more clients…

  1. Think of 2-3 referral sources that have clients for you, but who are not yet sending them your way.
    • Get in front of them (somehow) — an appointment, a drop in, a phone call, an email, a flyer — whatever it takes
    • Find out what you can do to help them with regard to mental help services.  Can you provide them with a newsletter or handouts for their patients about: anxiety, depression, stress, parenting, healthy relationships, etc?  Can you run an information group in their waiting room for folks who need to know more about symptom management of anxiety or depression; how about a postpartum info session?
    • Follow through immediately with what you said you will do for them
      • I get GREAT results by asking “What can I do for you” BEFORE I ask for referrals
  2. Identify your top 2-3 referral sources and let them know that you’ve just added some hours to your schedule and you wanted to let them know first so they are aware you can accommodate more referrals
      • Most referral sources really appreciate you thinking about them and in a spirit of reciprocity will send you a couple of referrals as soon as they have them
  3. If you don’t already have a website — get one!  If you do have a website — change it up.  People aren’t going to keep coming to your website if it is the same ol’ thing every time they visit.  Give them a reason to visit:
    • Keep an active blog
    • Place the link to your scheduling service on there (if you use one)
    • Put up helpful links to websites, blogs, products, and books
    • Put up your intake forms for new clients to download
    • Put up worksheets, articles or other things you write and when you refer your clients to those things, give them the link to download the information.  Keep them coming back for more!
      • EVERY WEEK, I get referrals into our practice from folks who found us on our website
  4. Do SOMETHING to increase your “expert status”.  This is all about your niche.
    • Write about your niche (your blog, another blog,  an article for a newsletter or newspaper, a fact sheet to share with potential referral sources
    • Talk about your niche (offer to be the expert on a local radio or television station — don’t forget the cable stations, offer to speak at a niche-related social event or organization, make a free podcast and put it up on your website
      • People want to work with EXPERTS.  Do whatever it takes to become the EXPERT in your niche, then let EVERYONE know ASAP
  5. Come up with a niche-related group or service’ make up a flyer, and get it out to every colleague you can think of (ESPECIALLY the psychiatrists in town)
      • I’ve done DBT groups when others wouldn’t go near them, I’ve taught Mindfulness Meditation groups when clinicians wanted that for their clients but they didn’t have time to do it, I’ve done symptom management groups and family support groups that local psychiatrist were begging for their clients who would not otherwise engage in therapy.  Be creative

So… there you have it.  I can’t wait until you have your own waiting list.  They you can share your strategies as a way to acknowledge your blessing.


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