5 ways to thank your referral sources

Do you have a referral source that might feel under appreciated or taken advantage of?  Sometimes we are so busy looking for new referral sources that we take those we already have, for granted.  We don’t mean to, but we do it anyway.

The business you already have (your current referral sources) is to be cherished.  It is the “bird in the hand”.  These folks are already sold on you — they already trust you!

Here are 5 ideas of how you might thank your faithful customers…

1.  Write a note or card of thanks.  (Nope… being thankful doesn’t have to be rocket science)

2.  Make a phone call or send an email and ask how things are going with the referral process.  Check to be sure you are meeting your customers’ needs.  Ask what else you might do to help them meet their needs with regard to mental health referrals

3.  Feature your referral source in your newsletter, blog, or on your website.  Let “the world” know how much you appreciate your customer.  Give them some free publicity if you think it might help out their business

4.  Choose a random “holiday” (i.e. Labor Day, Halloween) or season and bring them a gift to remember.  Cheesecake, fruit baskets, high-end chocolates, truffles, ice cream sundaes, and specialty coffees and teas will stand apart from the donuts and pizza lunches they might be used to from local drug reps

5.  One of the best ways to (continually) thank your referral sources that are health professionals is to consistently send a note of thanks along with a copy of the initial assessment within a week of seeing the client for the first time.  Physicians LOVE (did I say LOVE) to have your assessment in their patient charts.  It is a great way to collaborate care and help them stay in the loop without any effort on their part

You do need to take the time and effort it takes to find new referral sources.  However… don’t forget the folks who already have your back!

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  1. Jennifer Monroe /Reply

    I am in an entirely different specialty, but this was a great list of suggestions- and all your comments are true! Thank you.

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