Another Fabulous Webinar Success Story…

So many people have been getting so much help from our 7 Steps To FREEDOM In Private Practice Webinar!  The feedback has been fantastic.  (you can register for it here, now)

I just had to share with you this exceptionally inspirational comment that touched my heart.  It’s from one of our members, Victoria Wright Adams…

You always know what to say, Dr. Deb. I finally did it and opened my practice this morning! Two of my clients followed me from a prior clinic and1 client brought a friend. They all have appointments set up this monthand have taken brochures and postcards to give to their friends.

The space is beautiful and we managed to get it all together right on time. I am SOOO going to rest this long weekend, but I admit I now look forward to going to work each day.

I’ll definitely be looking over the video series and appreciate that it’s free since money is a bit tight.

I have peace in my heart andhave transitioned into a more peaceful, happier person that didn’texist before this moment.  I actually stopped, prayed, and cried withjoy before I opened my doors.

This experience has brought my familycloser and has shown me that despite obstacles (not enough furniture, limited funds, no insurance credentialing, etc.) if you want peace, theleap of faith is imminent and priceless.  I think about the commercial that quantifies everything and ends with “(fill in theblank)..priceless.”

I really thank God for you Deb for truly being afriend, mentor, and what you profess to me–an influential therapist. I have accepted a former intern to mentor in the way you have done thisfor me.  She will be coming on board to learn how to work toward her own practice without going into terrible debt and to learn from my mistakes.  This is my way of paying back the favor.

Enjoy your holiday and know that you have enabled me to reach my self-imposed “Independence Day.”  All the best!

Victoria (“The Independent Therapist”)

You can do this too! You can find your own way to find your version of FREEDOM in your work.  It may be a part-time practice; it may be 1 day a week working out of your primary physician’s office; it may be a full-time endeavor that you pour your heart and soul into.

Whatever FREEDOM means to you — Fight For It!

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  1. Meredith Creek /Reply

    Wow, this is powerful and I offer much congrats to Victoria. I hope I too can become an independent and influential therapist like each of you of you. Thanks so much for helping to lead me as I prepare for graduation and private practice.

    1. Deborah Legge PhD CRC LMHC /Reply

      You’ll get there. Just keep pushin’ 🙂

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