Are YOU the answer to the BIG QUESTION?

How do you answer the BIG QUESTION? You know… “Given all of the options, including doing nothing at all, why would I want to do business with YOU?”

This question is valid whether you are talking about your clients or your customers (referral sources). WHY, should someone want to do business with you? Sometimes it is clear cut. Perhaps you are a great clinician — you specialize in just what the client needs — that is WHY. Perhaps you are the only clinician within walking distance of your clients — that is WHY.

Other times, it may not be so clear cut. Let’s say your client lives within 5 miles of 100 therapists, all of whom work with issues of depression. Now WHY? What sets you apart? What makes you the best choice?

Well… perhaps your name is the one your client got from her primary physician. Perhaps your name was given to her by a co-worker who worked with you three years ago. Perhaps she’s seen your name in relation to community workshops you’ve been doing lately.

The big message here is that you have to set yourself apart from the pack. Sometimes we get to do that in session by providing quality services and great value to our clients. That’s great once you get them in the door.

Start thinking about how you will set yourself apart to those you’ve not yet met.

Who do you want to meet this week? Who will be happy to pass along your name to someone in need of your services?

What do you want to do this month? What can you do to let folks know that you have the answer to their BIG QUESTION?

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