“Coaching has helped me and my new practice immensely”

Wow… what a great reward for running a Boot Camp for an enthusiastic, go-getter like Kathryn Stamoulis.  Kathryn just completed the Basic Training Boot Camp and she hit the ground running!

Dr. Kathryn Stamoulis is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Educational Psychologist, with a brand new, cutting-edge private practice located in the Chelsea neighborhood in NYC.  Her areas of specialization include working with Adolescents, Sex & Dating Concerns, and Adjustment Disorders & Life Transition.

Although she is just starting out, Kathryn already has a couple of really great niches.  She is eager and open for new ideas about marketing her practice and is utilizing Web 2.0 strategies in ways that will certainly take her “over the top” in no time.  Check out her website to see what Kathryn is doing!

Here’s a testimonial Kathryn shared with me about her coaching experience in the Basic Training Boot Camp.  I hope you find it inspiring!

Coaching has helped me and my new practice immensely! The resources provided aided me in developing my paperwork and policies with little effort. Dr. Legge provided personal encouragement and guidance, and was a strong resource for any legal and ethical questions I had. Even when I was apprehensive, she never doubted my ability to build a profitable and personally satisfying practice. In just weeks I have added new private pay clients! ~ Kathryn

Kudos to Kathryn for taking charge of her dream and investing in her success.  Just a short time in coaching really made a difference.

Kathryn will continue to flourish in her practice.  I know that because she did what I did when I first started out.  I went from zero clients to 4 clients a week very quickly and before I knew it I was seeing 24 clients a week.  It just snowballed from there, and soon I had a full book and a waiting list.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  Are you ready?

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