Does your niche include the “over 40” crowd? — You’d better log in!

I love reading Inc. Magazine.  There are usually at least 2-3 things I can use out of each issue to make my practice a “smarter business”.

A recent article (The Geeks Are Graying) pointed out the fact that 51% of all FaceBook users are over 40;  for You-Tube it’s 49%;  for Twitter it’s 45%.  Wow.

49% of the over 40 folks surveyed said they feel they’re “up to date on the latest technology”.

In school, we learn to “meet ’em where they’re at”.  I guess that clinical strategy might be generalizable.

If you are  marketing to the over 40 crowd and you want to “meet ’em where they’re at” — you’d better get online!

What do you think?  What are you doing out there on the web?

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