It is what it “is”? — Look Again!

So your business is struggling or stagnant and you don’t know what to do next to make enough of an impression on your target market  (those potential clients and referrers you are meant to serve) to fill your book.

Time and time again I see good clinicians (who do great work) fall by the wayside; wave the white flag; and go back to doing (or continue to do) work that makes them feel: tired, bored, overworked, and numb.  

Others who continue to stick it out in private practice, struggle each week hoping and praying they’ll see enough clients to pay the bills.  

When you cannot change what the product is, you have to change what it means ~ James B. Twitchell

There is an alternative!

There is no “sexy” way to sell our services… right?

Well… it may be time to look a little deeper at what you have to offer.  Seeking treatment is often perceived negatively by clients.  It is “hard”, “shameful”, “scary”, or just another “problem”.  

If you don’t find a way to stand apart from those negative perceptions,  you will likely always struggle for enough clients/referrals/customers.  

To build a private practice that transcends the “negative” or “neutral” perceptions inherent to the work,  you must find ways to help clients and referrers see you as a potential solution for their problems.  

These 5 steps can make your marketing more meaningful, and help you make more money doing what you love:

  1. Know the top 2-3 biggest problems your target market faces.  (Remember that problems are often the residual of a life situation or event — i.e. A client feeling unable to have a satisfying social life due to recurring panic attacks; A physician feeling unable to fully serve patients due to lack of good referral sources).  
    • These BIG problems are not merely annoyances. They aren’t just “bothersome”.  These are gut-wrenching problems that are crippling your target market; problems that they have spent time and money trying to solve in the past
  2. Determine how YOU (what you have to offer) can help solve those problems, or how you can diminish the pain caused by those problems
  3. Reach out to your target market in a way that resonates with them.  Help them to: identify the problem; acknowledge the pain; and see how it negatively impacts their lives.  
  4. Help them to identify the benefits (financial, emotional, physical, spiritual) of solving the problem.  Invite them to imagine what their lives will be like when the problem is solved.
  5. Let them know that you truly understand them and  are willing and ready to help them solve their problem.  Show them that you are dedicated to them, and you’re there to help.  Offer to work with them.

Looking at what you have to offer, from a more “meaningful” perspective, will help you engage and connect with your potential clients and referrers at a much deeper level.  It will allow them to know you “get it” and will help you build the credibility and trust needed for them to give you the business

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  1. Barbara /Reply

    I am very interested in your program offer however I am not very savvy where technology is concerned and am wondering how much of a hinderance that will be.

    1. legge /Reply

      @Barb – I’d love to have you join us! As far as the technology goes, I believe it is quite manageable. You can phone in for the weekly coaching calls and for our 1:1 coaching sessions together. You’ll get a username and password to log into your Console, where you will find the Book Yourself Solid materials and many other things. You will get emails walking you through the process and you can always ask questions as you go along. There is a Facebook group that most members join because the discussion with other members is really helpful. If you have any other questions, let me know! I hope to see you in the IIC soon Barbara!

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