Leave no stone unturned

Part of my job is to help you see opportunities that you might have missed.

Let me do my job.

Here are a few things you might do to build your reputation, credibility, or or referrals…

  • Send a copy of your initial assessment along with a thank you letter to referring health care providers
  • Send updates (when needed or at least twice a year) to collaborating health care providers
  • If there are legal issues, offer to send a letter to your client’s attorney
  • If there is an educational issue, offer to collaborate with the appropriate school professionals
  • When you refer a client for special services, have your client sign a release so you can send a letter along with your assessment and/or reason for the referral
  • Keep your bio updated on your website and in any therapist directory you utilize
  • Keep your brochure, business cards and website updated with accurate, easy-to-find contact information
  • If you have a blog on your website, post with regularity
  • Don’t hesitate to tell your own health professionals, church, gym, etc. what you do and that you are taking new referrals
  • Find a local organization in which you believe and offer to speak at their next meeting or fund raising event
  • Offer to do a free depression/anxiety screening at your church’s or school’s health fair

Just be sure to have the releases signed, and check with your malpractice carrier if you have questions about liability issues when donating your time.

After that — no holds barred.  There are opportunities everywhere you look for them!

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