Are You In LOVE With Your Private Practice?

I’m a firm believer that if you are going to take the time, money, and energy needed to develop your business, you should LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you’re doing and what you are getting in return.  Of course, there may be hiccups and frustrations along the way, but (by far) your overall experience should leave you with a warm-fuzzy feeling most of the time!

When I first started out in private practice, I didn’t know what to expect or hope for.  It took me a long time to figure out many of the really important things that make me really love having my own business.  Here are some pretty amazing realities that might help you to fall in LOVE with your private practice too!

  • You’re the boss
  • There are no rules (as long as it’s ethical and legal)
  • It’s really okay (and preferred) to serve others AND make money (without guilt) in the process
  • You cannot, nor do you have to, serve everyone (phew!)
  • You can serve the people who energize and inspire you to do your best work, and then do your best to fill your book with them
  • You can determine when and where you are  going to work (or not).  It’s okay to but a big “X” through a day in your book when you’d rather go to your child’s school play or doctor’s appointment, or if you just need a day for you
  • Most decisions about your business can be made in the mirror.  Because you are the boss, you make the decisions.  If they don’t work out, don’t waste your time with resentment and regret — just make a better decision!
  • You can earn as much money as you’d like, as long as you are willing to work for it
  • If you like, you can diversify your efforts to serve others in a variety of ways, and to keep things interesting for you
  • You can decide (again, as long as it’s ethical and legal) what you will or won’t tolerate in your practice. If something brings with it too many “strings”, “rules”, or “headaches” you might want to leave it behind and find a way that better meets your needs

If you are driving to your office dreading the day ahead — something is terribly wrong.  Take the time to step back and reconfigure your perspective and/or your business model.  It’s worth your time and effort if it allows you to fall in LOVE with your private practice!

I can help you fall in love with your business.  Whether you want more clients or you want to add alternate streams of income to your business, I can help.  If you are SERIOUS about investing in you and your practice, I’m willing to invest a few minutes of my time to chat with you about your goals and how I can help you achieve them.  CLICK HERE NOW to schedule a laser coaching session with me, and we’ll figure out what it might take for you to fall in LOVE with your private practice!

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