Making your services “irresistible”

I’m sure you’ve got some really great ideas about how to provide therapy groups, workshops, trainings, and other services that will be very helpful to people in your community.  Millions of people have millions of great ideas.

So, how do you promote your services in a way that will make them irresistible?  What do you need to do to connect your services with those who need them?

First, you have to have a great product (service).  Then, you must promote your services.  Be creative.

For example, let’s say you want to run a 6-week group for individuals with panic disorder.  Most of us would think about putting together a flyer that describes the logistics of the group (what, when, and where).  The one thing that is usually lacking in those types of flyers however, is the “why”.

“Why” is HUGE.  Why would someone want to refer to your group?  Why would someone want to come to your group?  Why is your group different… important… helpful… NECESSARY?

Think about your target audience.  Individuals with panic disorder often feel desperate.  They feel alone.  They are afraid and live in dread of the next panic attack.  They may not be able to go out with friends anymore.  They may not even be able to work or leave the house at times.  Is that stuff in your flyer?  If not — you are missing the point.

Put in those key items (the ones that will really trigger strong emotions) and you will catch the eye of your target audience.  Make sure to let them know that those are the things that will be addressed in the group.  In doing so, you let them know that:

  • You know their pain
  • You understand where they are coming from
  • You want to help them
  • You know how to help them
  • They are not alone

Those are the kinds of things that make your group a MUST HAVE.  Irresistible.

The same goes for the SEPARATE FLYER or cover letter you create for your referral sources.  In that flyer you do the same thing.  You give them the logistics,  but you also find a way to tell them “why” they should refer their patients/clients to your group.

This type of flyer can go to primary physicians and emergency rooms, psychiatrists, school counselors, and everyone else on your marketing list.  Let them know why your group is a MUST HAVE.

Remember, millions of people have millions of great ideas.  What makes your idea irresistible?

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