What’s your SUCCESS mindset?

If you think you’re generally doing things right but you’re frustrated because you just can’t seem to get your business where you want it to be, the answer may lie in your MINDSET.

What you think about you and your business really matters.  

There are many reasons why therapists fail to:  attract enough clients; make enough money; and feel in control of their businesses.  

I believe the NUMBER ONE reason is a lack of self-esteem and self-worth.  

~If you don’t know your value, neither will anyone else.  

~If you continually undervalue the benefits of your work, you will never: raise your fees; break away from difficult insurance companies; or make other moves that could increase your revenues and allow you to work less. 

~How can you increase your credibility if you don’t believe you are an authority — an expert — the best choice — for the folks in your target market?

Take the time to recognize and address your self-limiting MINDSET;  to notice the things you do that show you and the world that you lack healthy levels of confidence, self-esteem, or self worth.

One way to improve your MINDSET is to conceptualize your worth to others.  Sit down and write about the BIG RESULTS that people get when they work with you.

  • How do you change the lives of your clients?
  • What financial benefits do your clients get because they’ve worked with you?
  • What emotional and/or physical benefits do they get because you’ve helped them?
  • How are they better people in this world once they make changes you supported them through?

You change lives.  Many times, you save lives.  You may salvage marriages, create better relationships between parents and kids, or help someone crawl out from under boulders of pain from the past only to stand tall and live a life they never knew was possible.

Stop wondering if you’ve got enough: experience, certifications, qualifications —YOU ARE VALUABLE  

Stop feeling and acting like your need for: more discretionary time, money, or autonomy are not important — YOU MATTER  

Stop feeling guilty around money; stop working for less than you deserve — YOU ARE WORTH IT

It really is okay to help others and to become wealthy in the process.   You may have a calling… but you also have a business to run.

If needed, change your MINDSET and allow your business to thrive while you are living your best life.

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