Newsletter Connections part 3/3

Okay… here are the rest of the newsletter tips I leaned at my marketing conference in Chicago last week.

  • E-Newsletter or Print Newsletter?
    • E-Newsletters (Pros/Cons)
      • Relatively low cost to produce
      • Can deliver as often and whenever you want
      • You can still develop a relationship, but easier with print
      • Email addresses change more than snail mail addresses
      • Use a subject line that creates curiosity to get it opened ( a 40% open rate is good)
    • Print Newsletters (Pros/Cons)
      • More expensive to produce and mail
      • Better media to develop a relationship with the reader
      • Absolutely the preferred way for the reader to consume a large amount of info

**If you are going to do one or the other, PRINT IS PREFERABLE**

  • The 4-page 11.17 (folded) newsletter (mailed in an envelope) is the one that is most often opened and read
    • These cost about $1 – $2 to produce and mail

**Circle the label on the envelope in red marker, and you’ll really increase your open rate**

  • Try to keep the newsletter sacred — that is, don’t sell anything in the newsletter.  If you have something to sell (i.e. a new group or therapy related product) put it in an insert to the newsletter
  • Color makes a difference — print it on color paper or use color printing if you can
  • Put a teaser on the front page for articles in the newsletter — make them interesting!

All in all, newsletters really are a fabulous way to get and stay connected.  I believe this and use them in my own business.

Try it.  give it 12 months.  Let me know how it works for you and your practice.

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