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There is one huge roadblock many private practitioners face when trying to grow and make more money in their businesses.  I know.  I’ve faced it too; and until I figured it out I was spinning my wheels!

This roadblock is all about how you feel when you are reaching out to get noticed and to get more business.

  • Do you feel like you are bothering prospective clients, referrers, and customers?
  • Do you feel like you are asking “too much” of your prospects?
  • Do you feel like you’re taking too much of their time and will make people angry?

Well, there is one surefire way to reach out in a way in which you will build relationships that can help you:

  • get more clients
  • get more referrals
  • get more customers to buy your “stuff”

Once you get the hang of it, this one strategy will put your mind at ease, and give you an opportunity to connect and reconnect with current and potential clients and customers whenever you like — without feeling guilty, “salesy” or slimy.  Your genuine concern to help your target market will come through, and you’ll build trust — then, you’ll get the business!

I’m excited about sharing this with you.  It’s an excerpt of a group coaching call I had with my Influential Insider’s Circle (Here’s a little glimpse of the kinds of business-building, money-making things you get when you’re in an awesome mastermind group like the IIC).  


This is just a thumbnail sketch of what you’ll get as an elite member of the IIC mastermind group.  Get the encouragement, support, and accountability you may need to get on track and stay on track to building the private practice of YOUR dreams.  Join our Exclusive Mastermind For counselors FREE.  Click Here Now (Space is Limited)

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  1. Nina Kitchen /Reply

    This was an outstanding webinar. The information was very valuable in helping me Identify ways to build my private practice. I am looking forward to using your expertise, products and services.

    Nina Kitchen

    1. legge /Reply

      @Nina – Thanks; I’m so glad you found value in the recording. I hope you click on the link and check out the Influential Insider’s Circle. It’s a great place to build your private practice; a place to learn how to book yourself solid; and a place to talk with others who are walking this walk with you! Hope to see you on the inside.

  2. Katie Cashin, LCPC /Reply

    A discussion about permission marketing seems really timely given all of the discussion around U2 “gifting” everyone their new album via iTunes. And I’m signing up for the Rapid Referrals Report right now!

    1. legge /Reply

      @Katie — good reference!!! Looking forward to hearing your big take-away once you read the report!

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