Quit planning and start doing!

I truly believe in the value of having a good business plan. However, if creating a perfect business plan is keeping you from jumping in — you’d better re-think that plan.

Seth Godin says you just need to write down enough of a plan to make a sales call. If you don’t have enough of a plan to make a sales call, you don’t have a business — you have a dream.

So… do you have a business, or do you have a dream?

Are you: planning and planning; waiting for every marketing piece to be perfect; waiting for your website to be “done”; and holding out for a guarantee that you will find referral sources and get “enough” clients?

Being in business for yourself involves taking risks. However… considering the biggest risk you’ll ever take is believing that YOU CAN DO IT… you may have more influence over the outcome than you realize.

Do you have enough of a plan to see a client tomorrow if you get the call? Get yourself to that point; get started — you can build it from there.

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