Give Them What They Want

For as many therapists that exist, referrers and clients often tell me that all they are really looking for is a competent mental health professional to help them (or their patient/student/congregation member).

They aren’t looking for experts — they are looking for competence!

Clients and referrers alike often express many of the same needs when it comes to choosing a therapist.  You’d be surprised to know that their standards not unreasonable.  Here’s a list of ways to satisfy some of the basic needs referrers and clients have when it comes to deciding which clinician to call…

6 Ways to Showcase your Competence to the World

  1. Act in a professional manner at all times
    • When you have a license, you are always “on the clock”.  Use good judgment with professionalism no matter your situation or environment
  2. Do what you say you are going to do – every time
    • Let folks know what you are going to do next, and then do it EVERY TIME
  3. Act and interact with confidence — you can do this easily, when you…
    • know your value
    • appreciate your worth
    • remember your training
    • reflect on your experience
  4. Get noticed in relation to your target market and niche services
    • Use solid self promotion strategies to inform the world about who you are and what you do
      • write (posts, articles, e-books, etc.)
      • speak (podcasts, webinars, community engagements, for your profession)
      • networking (deepen relationships with those you know and with whom you already do business)
      • direct outreach (get in front of those gatekeepers for your target market, who can help you make connections)
      • referrals (cooperate with colleagues and share lots of referrals)
      • web (broaden your base of revenue to include things like programs, trainings, and other ways to reach your ideal clients)
  5. Utilize sound clinical skills and judgement, and be able to communicate that with others
    • Be able to talk comfortably about what you do; your theoretical orientation; and your skill set of choice
    • Stick to your areas of expertise and provide good referrals when appropriate
  6. Be a good collaborator with other professionals with whom you collaborate (or wish to collaborate)
    • Show respect for their time (and yours) – find out their preferred method of contact
    • Keep them in the loop with need to know information as treatment proceeds
    • Acknowledge every referral (get a signed release from your client) and send a copy of your initial assessment with your thank you letter

You may not feel comfortable touting yourself as “an expert” in your field, but your competence will do that for you (and despite you sometimes).  

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