REJECT the negative!

Are you barraged by news about the declining economy and economic slump?  Are you starting to plan for scarcity… shifting your focus on why you can’t rather than why you must?

In the process, do you notice your motivation slipping?  Are you feeling more fearful about starting something new or panicked that you’d better do SOMETHING, but you don’t know what?

Take a breath.  You’ve just got to reject the negative.

Our economy has gone through slumps before.  And, do you honestly think a down economy makes a safe haven of the traditional job your may be clinging to?

My recent memory shows that when the economy is down, human services are almost always hit hard.   Do you really feel “safe”, or do you feel comfortable because it is what you know?

If you are already in private practice, are you cutting back on your advertising? Are you immersing yourself in your fears of scarcity?

Just as you become what you think, your practice becomes what you think.  Keep planning for no clients and that is precisely what you will get.

Difficult as it may be, now is the time for you to create and then embrace a positive attitude toward your success.  You can be cautious without folding.

We are very fortunate in that our business does not require a multimillion dollar inventory; the overhead can be very reasonable and manageable.

Rather than putting the private practice idea on hold, you might want to do it one day (or 1/2 day) a week.  Instead of procrastinating on that new website, build it slowly over time. Don’t downsize your marketing efforts — make them more well-planned and focused.

So, let the negativity slide off your back.  See it as the annoyance it really is; a threat to your happiness and success.

Reject the negative and create the positive.


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