“Busy-ness” or “business”?

Measuring busy-ness…is far easier than measuring business. Busy-ness might feel good (like checking your email on Christmas weekend) but business means producing things of actual value. Often, the two are completely unrelated.

I’m guessing that you worked very hard to get to where you are in your career.  

Staying busy really can feel good, but there comes a time when you really have to look at that busy work and determine how it relates to your overall goals. 

Don’t kid yourself.   

Sometimes “busy” is easier than figuring out the next step toward your goals.  Sometimes we stay “busy” because we feel guilty that we aren’t on task.  Perhaps part of the problem is that your goals are outdated or you’ve lost site of what is really important to you.  If so, take the time to do some self-exploration and figure out what you really want; set some new goals!

If you’re going to be “busy”, be sure to keep your eye on your goals.  You’ll feel more energized and productive; maybe you’ll even take some time guilt-free time for yourself and do something fun with your time!

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