Show ’em that you care…

Are you concerned you won’t get enough referrals  into your Private Practice?  Are you afraid that even if you do, you won’t know how to keep them coming in?

When I think of the wide range of referral sources I’ve had over the last two decades (and that’s a LOT of customers), I am always so grateful that they keep coming back  And they do.   And I know why.

Every day, I remember something I heard a long time ago that still rings true — “They don’t care how much you know, ’til they know how much you care.”  Sounds corny, right?  But it couldn’t be more true.  And I truly care about my customers.

Find a way to let ’em know how much you care and you’ll have a customer for life.  There’s only one catch — it’s got to be genuine.  You really do need to care.  If you don’t, it will come through.

Use your own style.  Be creative.  Care about them in your unique way.  Show them every chance you get.  You’ll get more referrals than you can ever imagine.

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