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This series of posts is about 4 big ways that I’ve seen many private practitioners lose their footing (and face overwhelm) when they are growing their businesses.  We’re taking them one at a time so I can give you some ideas as to how to defuse these potential landmines…

#4  Getting “Lost” by Giving Up or Giving In

So far we’ve talked about how you can get lost:

  • when you get caught up in what you think you cannot accomplish
  • when you allow your fears to squelch you
  • when you lose track of your priorities

The final segment of this series of posts is about how you can get “lost” in your private practice by throwing up your hands and throwing in the towel too soon.  There is no doubt…

Private practice can be hard.. and it can be lonely.

Over the years there have been times when I’ve been seduced by “good jobs with golden handcuffs”.  There have been times when I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it in business for myself. I was tempted to stay “stuck” and “safe” (over the years I’ve learned that “safe” is often an illusion)

But private practice can also be empowering, and fruitful, and give you the kind of FREEDOM you’ll never experience working for someone else.  It feels so great to just put a big old “X” through my schedule on a day when I’d rather spend time with my kids, or just take a drive by myself.


I’ve watched some really great clinicians walk away from their opportunities (due to negative beliefs, fears, mixed up priorities, and other reasons) when success what literally right around the corner.  It makes me so sad to watch anyone put away their dreams and walk away, when they don’t want to do that.  It’s one thing to change direction and find excitement in new opportunities.  It’s another thing to run back or into something you don’t want. Here are a few things to consider before you consider turning away from your hard work, hopes and dreams:

  • ~ Are you expecting too much too soon?
  • ~ Have you skipped over (important) steps that you can revisit to strengthen your foundation?
  • ~ Are you doing what you truly love, and focusing on serving those you are truly meant to serve?
  • ~ Are you getting the help you need when it comes to legal issues, financial concerns, and practice management?
  • ~ Are you working “on” your business at the same time you are working “in” your business? (success requires both)
  • ~ Have you taken the time to think “outside the box”, about options and alternatives you may have to solve your problems?
  • ~ Is there an in-between place (rather than all or nothing), where you can keep your dreams alive while meeting your immediate needs?
  • ~ Are there options for collaboration that might increase your options and opportunities?
  • ~ Are there ways to leverage your time by providing services that allow you to reach more people at once (other than “dollars for hours” revenue)?
  • ~ Have you consulted with a coach or another outside, objective person who can help you see things clearly and make good decisions?

All businesses face tough times.  Hopefully this list will get you thinking about what you might do to press forward in your practice if that is what you truly desire.

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  1. Cherie /Reply

    Bless You!! Bless You! Bless You! This is what I needed to have in my sight on this day! Oh God! I needed this! Staying the course! Not giving up! My mind will no long play tricks on me…..this is confirmation from what I received from my Heavenly Father today!!

    Thank you sooooooo much!!!

    1. Deborah Legge PhD CRC LMHC /Reply

      @Cherie – You are welcome. Timing is everything!

    1. legge /Reply

      Thanks Cheryl — I’m so glad I can help when you need a boost. I also appreciate you letting me know that; it means the world to me!

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