Strap yourself in for the ride of your life!

Earlier this week I put up a post that gave you the first thing to remember before throwing in the towel on successfully marketing your private practice: #1  Marketing isn’t about sales — it’s about getting noticed (

As promised… here is the SECOND thing to remember before deciding to cash in your chips:

#2:  Marketing is a process, it’s not a destination!

You’re going to be looking for new clients throughout the life of your practice.  That means that you are going to have to “get noticed” A LOT throughout your career.  You’re going to have to ramp up that exposure and develop it into relationships that are fruitful over time.

There are a couple of things that will help you better manage this aspect of your private practice…

  • Find out what you will and will not do; what you can or cannot do with consistency.  Then, choose ways to get noticed that are still efficient and effective, but more in line with your comfort zone.  This will help you get started and stay started with this career long process
  • Remember that you have a lot to offer and share.  You getting noticed really helps your referral sources and your clients too!  You become a great referral source in your community — a “go-to” person they can count on.  Get excited about this blessing!
  • The marketing process gives you an opportunity to build some really great business partnerships and relationships over time.  Although your clinical work may always be your number one passion, these collegial relationships can keep you connected in the community; these relationships can be the basis of many professional opportunities you might never have even imagined

So… will this journey have its ups and downs?  ABSOLUTELY!  However, if you are truly committed to your successful and sustainable private practice, you will hang on and enjoy the ride.  The nice thing about this ride is that you get to design it — the exciting thing about this ride is that your design has a huge impact on the outcome.

Stay the course.  Be creative.  Play your strongest hand.  This can be the ride of your life!

I’m going to teach you more about how to do this.  And it all starts with this little video (, where you can sign up for my FREE web-training:  “Get More Clients for You!”, before it is full.

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