The most important sentence

What do you stand for? What is your work all about?  What is most important to you?

Those things should all fit into a sentence.  And that should be the most important sentence found in all of your marketing efforts.  It should not only come through in print — it should also come through in everything you do.

For example, Influential Therapist is “Your Partner In Private Practice”.  That’s IT.  That’s our most important sentence.  It says it all.  My goal is to be your most supportive, helpful, resourceful, encouraging business partner possible.  I want to be there to pick you up when you are down and cheer for you when you achieve your goals.

What is your mission… your goal… your passion…?  What’s your most important sentence?  AND… do your clients/customers know it by heart?

Deb Legge

“Your Partner In Private Practice”

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