This isn’t a competition!

People often ask me why I share what I share about how I built  a great Private Practice, how I established and maintain an amazing referral base for almost 20 years, and how I manage to have such a strong “word of mouth” following in my Private Practice and in my Coaching Practice.

Why do I tell my secrets?  Aren’t I afraid you’ll steal away my ideas and my clients?  Won’t your success lead to my demise?


Did you hear me yell NOOOOOOO?  Good.  Because I want to tell you something really important right now.

As long as you look at your Private Practice from a scarcity standpoint, you will be forever scared, worried, anxious, paranoid, and not very successful.

There, I said it.  Take it to the bank.  I’ve seen too many really good clinicians, who might otherwise have made it big in Private Practice, run themselves and/or their businesses into the ground because they failed to utilize one of the greatest gifts available to each of us…

COLLABORATION is the key.  COLLABORATION is your friend.  If you have not done so already, identify at least 10 colleagues with whom you can share ideas, suggestions, and referrals.  Meet with them regularly.  Listen to what they have to say.  Help them out when they need it.

Believe me — before long you will see a difference in your practice, your attitude, and your ability to walk around unafraid that somebody out there is going to get more than you get.

If you keep looking over your shoulder you are going to walk right into a wall.  This isn’t a competition.

Sad but true:  there are enough sick people to go around.

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