Want FREEDOM in your Private Practice? CLAIM IT!

As a therapist you know the tremendous impact of attitude and self-talk on outcomes.  We become what we think and say about ourselves!  

Great advice for clients.  THERAPIST:  Heal thyself!  

Here are a few affirmations I use each and every day to stay “on purpose”.

  1. I am competent and skilled.  I worked hard and have spent much time, money, and effort to learn my craft; I deserve to be paid what I am worth (This gives me the FREEDOM to financially support the life I have chosen)
  2. I have a private practice in which I set my own schedule. (This gives me he FREEDOM to have the time I need for me and those I love and care about)
  3. I have a private practice that is filled with the clients I am truly meant to serve.  (This gives me the FREEDOM and inspiration to do my best work for my ideal clients)
  4. I have a private practice that is organized and efficient.  (This gives me the FREEDOM to feel confident in my processes and procedures)
  5. I have a private practice that allows me to try new things and take risks. (This gives me the FREEDOM to develop programs and products that will drastically leverage my time and help me generate lots of money)

You can use any or all of these affirmations, or you can create others that better suit you.  

No matter which affirmations you choose, just be sure to:

  • Say them out loud each morning as your feet hit the ground out of bed
  • Remind yourself by saying them again in the middle of your day
  • Check in at night to claim your FREEDOM right before you go to sleep; let these thoughts carry you through the night

Now… let me make one more affirmation for you:  YOU CAN DO THIS!!

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  1. Cindy /Reply

    Thank you! Those are just two words that can’t possibly encompass the chills I felt up my back and the tears in my eyes after reading your article!!

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