Want success? Think again…

You already own the most valuable piece of real estate there is to make or break your private practice.  

It’s that small (yet unlimited and multidimensional) area between your ears.  

I’m talking about your mind.  More specifically, I’m talking what you think.  Even more specifically, I’m talking about what you think about YOU and YOUR WORLD!

I know you know this; you can’t deny it.  I’ll even go so far as to bet you preach this to your clients — OFTEN!

Limiting beliefs can (and do) undermine the best of efforts.  They hold you back; keep you stuck; make you think you’re not good (talented, smart, effective) enough.  They will take you down each and every time.

Think about something that you dream of but never attempt.  Something that shows up on your “to do” list over and over again.  A goal that you’ve set and planned out several times but you never seem to reach.

Now, think about any negative or limiting beliefs in which you invest.  

  • Do you believe in scarcity (there are not enough clients; money; or time)?
  • Do you believe you aren’t truly worthy of success – that helping people and being wealthy are mutually exclusive?
  • Do you believe you aren’t good enough – that you are in impostor?
  • Are you afraid of failure – so you stay “stuck” as a way to avoid trying and failing?

“An unexamined life is not worth living”~Socrates

Unidentified limiting beliefs will squash your success in business every time.   If you want to be successful in your private practice you MUST be aware of (and do something about) your limiting beliefs. 

Stop spinning your wheels and putting yourself through the anguish of not knowing why X, Y, or Z isn’t working.  Take the time to dig deep, be honest, and face the beliefs that act as a boat anchor in your business.

What do you believe (about yourself or about your world) that keeps you “in your place” and far from your potential?

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  1. Julianne Lepo /Reply

    This truly seems to encompass my entire world of insecurities when it comes to my professional world! “Imposter”, what a sad, but accurate word I would use when I dig into the dark caverns of my fear. What if people realize I don’t “have this”, or “didn’t do that”? Will they think I’m not worthy of the profession I’m in? Am I not “truly capable” of managing their assets? Time and time again I’ve been recognized for success, in terms of revenue generated, sales made, ethics upheld, successful mentoring & training…and yet, here I am looking into that dark cavern saying…”Imposter”. What the heck!~

    1. legge /Reply

      @Julianne – feeling like an “impostor” is not uncommon. The important thing is recognizing it and reality testing it so you can create a more accurate statement in your mind. Take your successes and remember them each time you feel like an impostor. Then (and most importantly) create a positive statement to take it’s place. For example: I have been recognized for my success — I am great at what I do!

  2. Samara /Reply

    Deb, this is so beautifully written. Thank you so much for highlighting the importance of working on mindset. It really makes all the difference.

    1. legge /Reply

      @Samara – Life is just like golf — the game is always played between your ears 🙂

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